Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Options- Why You Cannot Afford To Miss It

More apt than WHY TO COSTA RICA would perhaps be WHY NOT TO COSTA RICA! To put it as flatly as possible, the proposition of owning real estate in Costa Rica is worth it. Situated in the Central America regions, this country has constitutionally abolished its army. Ask any one there, and s/he will say they do not need nay. Costa Rica – the land that boasts of more teachers than policemen. This small, peaceful, democratic republic is increasingly becoming the dream destination as a second home for people from all around the globe. And, why not? After all, this land boasts of such a strong uninterrupted, constitutional democracy, avoiding even the slightest touch of violence that has befallen the whole of neighboring regions of the country.

Costa Rica is widely known for its rich geographical features. It will give you great opportunities for kayaking and rafting through its vast reserves of white waters. You cannot afford to miss the names of the Rio Pacuare River and Rio Reventazon River in this regard. The country boasts of several picturesque islands, some of which are quite far from the mainland.

The economic state of the country is quite encouraging, and the ever developing pattern of economy of the country has resulted in the recent boom in interest towards real estate in Costa Rica. In recent years, stress has been laid on hi tech industries, and there are lucrative tax exemptions for investors. Software development, financial outsourcing, electronics, and eco tourism form the main stay of the country's economy. It has become an investors' dream destination because of its high level of education. Costa Rica's location provides for easy access to American markets as the country shares similar time zones withy central USA. Add to that, its direct ocean access to Asia and Europe.

Costa Rica's tourism by far surpasses all other in the region. It is amongst the most visited nations in the world. Eco-tourism forms another major mainstay as lots of visitors come over here to visit the protected areas all round the country, and that makes Costa Rica real Estate a great investment option.

Costa Rica is practically a store house for a diverse range of flora and fauna. Despite the country having a paltry 0.1% of the world's landmass, it boasts of 5% of the world's bio-diversity. You simply cannot afford to miss mentioning the Corcovado National Park.

Despite all these lucrative features, real estate for slae in Costa Rica is highly affordable. Price of property in Costa Rica is rather comfortably within grip in comparison to, say, the US or UK. You can have one of those dreamy luxury beach front development plots against unbelievably affordable price. Land ownership is widespread and the rights for ownership of property in Costa Rica are unrivalled in the whole region.

For people moving over to Costa Rica with the intention of having a second home there, the land offers a great infrastructure as well as high standard of services in all respects. As a matter of fact, there is a wide range of real estate for sale in Costa Rica. The communication system is quite extensive. Add to that the well networked Internet and telecom facilities.

The cost of living is quite affordable here. The medical facilities are quite commendable with highly efficient medical personnel and services. As a matter of fact, the medical domain of Costa Rica is fast becoming an industry worth mentioning in the entire Central American region.

So said, its time you made up your mind and let yourself get going. If you are thinking about all those lucrative real estates for sale in Costa Rica, you are not in the wrong track. Life is calling you. The name is COSTA RICA.

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